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Addicted. x
Women In Power

Website Design for an online community for women in business.

Addicted. x Women In Power

Say hello to Women In Power, an online community for women in business.

Women In Power is an online membership platform for all women in business, offering a recurring membership to provide networking opportunities, ZOOM calls, training and more to their members.

Our partnership with Women In Power involved the creation of their online platform, including a website, the opportunity for customers to sign up to their subscription and access their membership through their online platform. 



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Addicted x Women In Power

The Start

We started working with Women In Power at the start of 2023, to build their online platform.

We took on the project of creating Women In Power an online, responsive website where users can find out more about the founders, sign up to their membership and access the resources on the back end. 

Addicted x Women In Power

Website Design

During the Discovery Phase of the website, this allowed us to discover what Women In Power wanted to include on their website. This included features such as signing up to a monthly membership, where the user was billed each month – but also had the opportunity to cancel.

Women In Power also wanted to add a membership backend, where users with valid memberships can log-in and view the available resources. 

After the Website was complete, we also provided training videos allowing them to be able to make their own amendments to the website. 

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