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Addicted. x
JRP Autos

Car Sales Website & Logo Design

Addicted. x JRP Autos

JRP Autos is a prestige and performance car sales business, based in Cheshire. JRP Autos stock prestige cars of only the highest quality – whilst also providing top-class customer service and more. JRP Autos are also able to offer finance on sales of their vehicles and also accept part-exchange.



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Addicted x JRP Autos

The Logo

JRP Autos had shared with us some inspiration of how they wanted the logo too look, as well as other examples of logos that they liked the look of too.

This allowed us a starting point to be able to develop the logo to be completely bespoke to JRP Auto’s, as well as matching up to what our partner wanted.

We also played around with a number of different colour schemes, to help us determine which one would look the best moving forward.

Addicted x JRP Autos


To finish off the build of the JRP Autos brand, they also wanted some flyers designing and printing to allow them to provide to potential customers who were looking to sell their car. These flyers were to be made to hand out to interested customers, or leave on vehicles they were interested in stocking.

The flyers were designed based on the brand we had already developed from scratch, as well as remaining consistent in the look from their website to provide consistency throughout the JRP Autos brand.

Addicted x JRP Autos


During the discovery process of the Website, this allowed us to find out what JRP Autos wanted to include on their website. This included features such as showcasing their stock, prices and allowing potential customers to enquire about any vehicles they are interested in.

They also wanted to show case about why to purchase from, or sell to, JRP Autos and things that are also included as a part of the sale. 

After the Website was complete, we also provided thorough training videos, allowing them to be able to upload vehicles and manage the website themselves. 

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