Should you trust Google Ads reps?

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Google Ads has been one of the most powerful advertising platforms available for a long time; with billions of searches processed daily, it provides the opportunity for businesses to tap into audiences proactively searching for their products or services. However, just like every other Marketing platform – there is a learning curve. This is where Google Ads representatives (or reps) come into the picture; they’re here to help but should you trust them?

What's Google's core objective?

Let’s start with the first part; Google’s objective. Google, just like me and you, are a profit-driven company – whilst they want to provide value to their users; their main goal is to increase their own revenue. 

Google Ads reps, as employees of Google, have an inclination to help their business succeed. This might not always be a negative thing, but it’s crucial to be aware of it. 

Knowledge & Expertise

Google Ads reps can indeed offer valuable insights and suggestions. They often have access to tools, data, and best practices that can be beneficial for advertisers. If you’re new to the platform or if you’ve hit a stumbling block, a chat with a rep can provide clarity.

However, remember that their suggestions might lean towards strategies that involve increased spending. This isn’t always a bad thing, especially if a higher budget can genuinely lead to better results. But, it’s always wise to weigh their advice against your business goals and budgetary constraints.

One-size fits all

While Google Ads reps are knowledgeable, their advice is, more often than not, generalised. They handle multiple accounts, and not every suggestion they make will be tailor-made for your business. It’s up to you to explore which recommendations align with your unique business model, goals, and audience.

Digital Marketing Agency

If you’re working with a digital marketing agency, chances are your agency has a deep understanding of your business and marketing goals. Agencies look at the bigger picture, integrating Google Ads strategies with other digital marketing efforts. When a Google Ads rep makes a suggestion, it’s beneficial to discuss it with your agency before implementing it. Your agency can provide a more holistic viewpoint, ensuring that any changes to your Google Ads strategy are in harmony with your overall digital marketing approach.

Google Ads reps can be a valuable resource, offering insights and suggestions that can help improve your campaigns. However, always remember that their primary objective aligns with Google’s goals. It’s essential to approach their advice critically, cross-referencing it with your unique business needs and, if applicable, your digital marketing agency’s perspective.

At the end of the day, nobody knows your business better than you. Google Ads is a tool, and like any tool, its efficiency depends on how well you use it. While external advice is beneficial, the final decisions should always resonate with your brand, goals, and values.

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