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Stopping thumbs
from scrolling.

Organic Social management is an undervalued part of your Digital presence. In an age where authenticity and trust are essential, Organic Social plays an important part in building genuine connections. 

Organic Social Media.

We partner with ambitious and creative brands to create Organic Social Media content that grows your Organic audience, get's them hooked and encourages them to convert.

Addicted. Marketing, a Digital Marketing Agency in Chester specialising in Social Media marketing.

We know how difficult it can be trying to get the best out of your Social Media channels for your business and how overwhelming it can be. Each platform does its own things, audiences are constantly evolving and trends shift overnight.

This is where our Organic Social Media Marketing comes into play; where we make noise about your brand. We don’t just manage your Social Media platforms – we create something special, that resonates with your target audience.

Our Organic Social team understand the intricacies of each Social Media platform and works hard to align them with your brand’s voice. We also ensure that your message doesn’t just reach the right people, but also hits them where it needs to. 

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Organic Social Agency

More than just a post & image

The days of writing up a quick post and adding an image are gone. There’s a whole load more to Social Media strategies in today’s era. 

We use our creative and social-savvy brains to develop content for brands we work with that entertains your audience and promotes what you do – from producing video content to designing other types of creative assets.

We know that one size doesn’t fit all, which is why we spend time researching your audience which allows us to be in their shoes and think – if I was purchasing from this brand? What would I expect to see… 

Social Media Marketing Agency

Driving social growth

We don’t just manage Social Media channels; we push it towards success, creating growth potential. We recognise that each brand has its own unique story and audience; we tailor strategies that resonate with those authentically. 

We leverage a blend of data-driven insights, creative flair and platform-specific expertise to create content that captures attention, sparks loyalty and inspires action. 

Social Media Agency

Producing engaging content

Content creation isn’t just a simple task; it’s art and science combined. We delve deep into the essence of a brand, focussing on the core values. We create pieces of content for your Social channels with the target audience in mind, along with the platform nuances and your brands’ personality. 

Our goal is to produce content that doesn’t just stop thumbs from scrolling, but encourages engagement. 


Our copywriting service for organic social crafts compelling narratives tailored to engage and resonate, turning every post into a conversation starter


Our content creation service transforms ideas into captivating visuals, ensuring each post stands out and speaks volumes in the bustling world of social media

Content Calendars

Monthly content calendars provide a strategic blueprint, ensuring your brand’s voice is consistent, timely, and always in tune with audience expectations


Community management cultivates interactions on social, nurturing a loyal audience base and fostering genuine connections with every engagement.

Wanting more from your Social Media?

Check out our partners, Socialistic, an award-winning Content Creation and Social Media agency. Socialistic are one of Addicted. Marketing’s divisional brand and they work with ambitious and creative brands to help them stand out from the Social Media crowd. 

Frequently asked questions.

Content acts as the bridge connecting brands to their target audience. Well-crafted content not only informs but engages, resonates, and inspires action. It helps in establishing a brand’s voice, positioning, and personality, making you stand out in a crowded online space.
While in-house content creation offers certain advantages, partnering with SOCIALISTIC brings a blend of expertise, experience, and a fresh external perspective. We stay updated with the latest trends, platform algorithms, and best practices, ensuring your content is always ahead of the curve. Our dedicated team brings diverse skills and creativity that might be challenging to replicate in-house without significant investment.
Our initial phases of collaboration involve deep diving into understanding your brand’s ethos, values, and objectives. We believe in creating content that is a true reflection of your brand, ensuring consistency and authenticity in every piece we craft.
We pride ourselves on being versatile content crafters. From captivating visuals and engaging videos to compelling written content tailored for specific platforms, we have expertise across the board. Our focus is always on creating ‘social-first’ content that resonates and engages.
Success in content creation is measured through various metrics like engagement, reach, shares, and most importantly, conversion rates. We provide regular analytics reports, giving you insights into how the content is performing and the value it’s bringing to your brand.

Our Work.

Addicted. Marketing are the chosen digital growth partner for over 250 businesses. Here are a few handpicks of the work we’ve done.

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