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award-winning Digital Marketing.

We are an experienced, award-winning Digital Marketing Agency in Chester, scaling brands since 2018. We help businesses across the UK scale through the power of digital. We’ve partnered with over 250 businesses across the UK and Europe and generated over £15m worth of trackable revenue in 2022. Our expertise in business growth partnered with our approach to SEO, PPC, Social Media and Website Design allows us to create stuff that you could only dream of.

We scale brands through the power of digital.

We are Addicted. Marketing. An award-winning, paid performance marketing agency based in Chester. Founded in 2018, we have worked with over 250+ businesses across the UK and Europe.

For over 7 years, we have been scaling ambitious businesses with award-winning Paid Performance Marketing strategies. We have been stitching together elements of strategic Digital Marketing, to help us partner with businesses to generate them improve their digital presence and generate more revenue. 

Fully-Managed Marketing

We act as your marketing department with our full-service, outsources Marketing services. Perfect for ambitious, growing brands who are passionate to scale with fast-paced, all-out marketing support.


We manage PPC Campaigns end to end, helping improve every element of your performance. We charge a simple fix-fee and set strategic goals and KPI's to help improve your conversion rate and ROAS.

Website Design & Development

We design beautifully-built, search-engine friendly Websites that are designed with the User Experience at the forefront. Every website is designed for each device and we make sure it is incredibly easy for you to maintain.

Content Creation

We create stunning and engaging content through expertly crafted video and photoshoots. We make sure all content resonates with your adience and make sure it showcases your brand story, products and more.

We don't just aim to be the best,
we do everything we can to be the best.

We’re accredited and certified partners of Google, Microsoft and Facebook. In 2023, we managed over £2.5m of advertising spend for our partners. We work hard to stay up to date with the rapidly evolving Marketing channel trends and features, so you don’t have to.

Professional, skilled and award-winning Marketing Specialists.

Since 2018, we have been trusted by over 250+ business across the United Kingdom and Europe. We are a professional and incredibly skilled Marketing, Creative and Design team with the knowledge to tackle complex marketing and business growth challenges with ambitious brands.

We’re known to be approachable, friendly and responsive. We do things that others can’t, hence the reason we have an outstanding client retention rate. 

We are driven 110% by profit.

The introduction and the rise of the Digital era have caused enormous pressure on businesses and their marketing teams. Data tracking and analytics have never been more difficult, acquisition costs are increasing and the economic status is driving up costs; all whilst consumers are spending less money.

The requirement to increase the LTV of your customers, whilst decreasing the price you pay to get them has never been more important. To win, consistently and effectively, you need a team of performance marketing specialists to help you stitch everything together. 

Your all-round, trusted Marketing partner.

Our specialist Marketing team aren’t all round generalists, we’re specialists at our own expertise. We work hard to consistently create effective marketing strategies that scale brands through digital, profitably.

We spend time getting to know your brand inside and out, your core objectives and your target audience to determine which Marketing Strategy will get you to the places you want to reach.

We provide ongoing campaign management by our specialists to constantly develop and improve your campaigns, ultimately leading to better results – better results = a better P&L year on year.


We're here to
make a difference.

Having been around for the prime time of Digital Marketing becoming a hot hit for businesses, we’ve been able to learn, adapt and overcome. The result? We’re able to provide an exceptional service that matters.

We aim to take you on, not just a business journey – but a personal journey to the top. We stand by the saying we put people over profits, which is something that means a lot to us. We don’t have a huge hierarchy with different levels of account management, high overheads or any of that malorcy. 

We are a passionate, performance marketing agency in Chester who knows our stuff.

We drive to deliver much more than your usual digital marketing agency. We don’t just drive sales, but we improve experiences, we convert those clicks into conversions and increase their lifetime value. In this fast-paced Digital world, we work hard to stay up-to-date with the latest tips, tricks and trends across our relevant platforms.

So, if you want a partnership that will benefit your business short-term and long-term, as well as people who support you throughout; then stop your search because we are the agency for you. 

Our Work.

Addicted. Marketing are the chosen digital growth partner for over 250 businesses. Here are a few handpicks of the work we’ve done.

We help brands think big, but tell a bigger story....


Brands partnered in 7 years


Ad Spend managed in 2023


Total revenue generated in 2023


Of clients profit in 3 months of our partnership

Born in the city of Chester back in 2018, partnering with brands across the UK and Europe to help with their Digital Marketing strategies, we have grown into one of the UK’s most respected Digital Markwting agencies. We’ve created websites, brands and worked on marketing campaigns for over 250 different brands across many different sectors.

We have a compelte in-house team, armed with the skills of everything we need – which means nothing is outsourced. We aim to build strong relationships with our partners, unlike other Digital agencies that have a huge hierarchy. We don’t have that here, you get complete access to the team that looks after your accounts. 

As a full-service Digital and Creative agency, we work on pretty much everything you need when it comes to it. Everything we do is reported, so that you are kept up to date with everything from A to Z. Our team also come from an Entrepreneurial background, which allows us to not just know how to run successful campaigns, but also know the challenges businesses face when it comes to growth.

Partnering with a Digital Marketing Agency offers many advantages for your business, especially if you are looking to scale and scale quick. Agency’s like Addicted. Marketing bring specialist expertise, covering all corners of Digital Marketing such as Social Media, Content Creation and PPC. The approach involves tailoring comprehensive strategies based on deep brand discovery, market anaylysis and more to help maximise your online visibility.

The most important one is cost-effectiveness. Outsourcing your Digital Marketing can be a lot more cost-effective and economical than maintaining a full in-house team. It not only saves costs, but also allows you access to a diverse skillset, without the big overheads that Marketing brings to the table.

Partnering with a Digital Agency will also help you be able to focus your time more on the business’s core activities. It gives you access to cutting-edge tools, scalability and a data-driven approach that helps measure and create results with impact.

In essence, a Digital Marketing Agency brings expertise, efficiency and a strategic approach to help scale your brand with Digital investments.

Are you ready to start scaling your brand? Talk to our team now.